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Curtsy&Bow was recently featured by Korean singer, Michelle Lee, as a travel luxury must…

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Blogs love

“I recently received an email about a new brand of organic nail lacquer called Curtsy & Bow. The email piqued my interest because…”

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Organic Nail Lacquer

From Curtsy&Bow’s Debut
featuring: St. Thomas Blue Me Away; Shell We Dance: & Intimate Sand

featuring: St. Thomas Blue Me Away; Shell We Dance: & Intimate Sand

Use and Play with these three fun and fashionable lacquers to tie into any Polished look. Get creative and use all three for your Geo-centric nails! All shades are Toe-friendly, Kid-friendly and Proud-Mama-friendly. Sun is still shining, beautiful breezy weather and fashions of Fall is coming.// Reasons that all make it even more enjoyable to show off your polished nails!   

 Staying polished with long-lasting nail products is a must. Chipped nails are a funk. Organic nail polishes are more than just a fad. This Product helps protect your health, by steering clear of chemicals that are bad. It’s thee new movement in protecting your nails with a toxic-free formula and adding mineral based ingredients.      

Until next time, Stay Polished!

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